Our Team

Soni Maria Jacob Peter

Soni is a passionate research scholar at the University of Queensland, Australia, and a senior lead auditor with a decade of seafood industry expertise. She is committed to addressing global food loss and waste challenges, in line with UN SDGs, working towards creating a world where hunger is eradicated, responsible seafood practices flourish, and our oceans thrive. She is passionate about instigating change that empowers women to progress and achieve their career goals.

Jen Elliott

Regional Business Development Manager in Seafood Trading, Sydney Fish Market
With over 25 years of industry experience, Jen is dedicated to supporting sustainability and utilization of seafood through education and communication. With progressive leadership and a proactive approach, in collaboration with industry leaders, she is passionate about the development and growth of our Seafood Industry for future generations.

Samatha Chown, Ph.D

Aquaculture research scientist, specializing in industry based research and development, passionate about the sustainable and ethical growth of the aquaculture industry.

Diana Quintero

With more than 25 years in the Seafood Industry, Diana is a business professional with a vast experience in International Trading.
Diana has a passion for working with women constantly looking to balance their professional interests, commitments and ambitions with their personal responsibilities

Tara Kelly

A passionate scientistic and PhD student specialising in molecular and behavioural studies of Australian aquaculture species. Hoping to play a role in the development of sustainable aquaculture and a more inclusive industry. 

Roberta Marcoli, Ph.D

Aquaculture Scientist and Science Communicator with a passion for harnessing genetic technologies to advance aquaculture sustainability and productivity. Through effective science communication, Roberta strives to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and the wider public, fostering a greater understanding of the role aquaculture plays in our world's future.